Convert your Jeep TJ Wrangler to a fully Electric Vehicle

The Erevon Conversion Kits include hardware, software and installation to transform your Gas Guzzling Jeep TJ into a fully Electric Vehicle.  Also available for  Toyota FJ-40, Land Rover Defenders, and Merecedes G-Class.

Electric Jeep TJ

EV conversion kit for Jeep TJ

Electric Jeep TJ

Electric Jeep TJ  is now a reality.

Introducting the Erevon EV conversion kits and buid your own electric Jeep TJ. Convert your Wrangler TJ into a completely Electric vehicle.  Our kits are tailor made to swap out your ICE engine and swap in the Erevon Electic Drivetrain and Batteries.

Engineered to perform, The Erevon team has developed a complete kit that replaces you current drive train with an electric powerhouse.

Our interface is what makes our product unique.  Manage all functions of your  electric TJ with the custom dashboard. Control the Powerplant, chargers and controllers, as well as general features such as Integrated Navigation, Bluetooth Calling as well as Apple Carplay or Android Auto.

Ready for your Electric Jeep TJ Wrangler?

Our team of designers, engineers and installers strive on developing the optimal conversion kits.   Swapping your ICE drivetrain with and Erevon Electric Drivtrain is as simple as humanly possible.  Using existing mounts for your new setup and keeping factory  weight integrity.

Electric vehicle Dashboard

Erevon Home Screen

The Erevon Dashboard has integreated Speedomete, Tachometer and Battery level and Range status on all screens.

Navigation - Electric Conversion


Your Erevon Dashboard is has standard GPS functionalities integrated.  For Map and Navigation purposes, direct with Google Maps.

Music and Radio -Electric Vehicle

Music / Radio

AM/FM Radio as well 10 GB of storage for you video and audio files  with Sound and  EQ functions. Spotify and Apple music are also optional features.

Android Auto

Android Auto

The Application is compatible with Android Auto Feauture via USB connection

Erevon Dashboard
Electric conversion


You dashboard will help you navigate standard vehicle functions as well as drivetrain status, including battery levels, charging specs and general controls.

Apple Car Play

Apple CarPlay

The Application is compatible with Apple Carplay Feature via Apple port connection